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Tor Garadon is the Imperial Fists' longest serving Battle Company Captain, an unstoppable warrior in whom the lessons of the Primarch have been distilled to their most punishing form. Tested on a thousand worlds, he is a master of the battlefield, and an unyielding bulwark against those who would oppose Mankind.

Armed with a backpack-mounted grav-gun and the artificer power fist known as the Hand of Defiance, Tor Garadon is among the Imperial Fists' most formidable warriors. Even as explosions tear the ground around him, the 3rd Company Captain stoically guides the fire of the warriors around him with curt commands and targeting information gleaned from his signum array.

This 21-piece plastic set makes one Captain Tor Garadon and is supplied with one Citadel 40mm Round Base.

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