Warhammer 40,000 -- Adeptus Mechanicus - Kataphron Destroyers -- GW-59-14

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Completely severed from concepts such as ethics, morality, or even thought, the Kataphron Destroyer is nothing more than a living weapon, wielded by Tech-Priests to further the data-hungry march of the Machine God’s chosen emissaries. Absolutely covered in incredibly powerful weaponry, the Kataphron Destroyers are the Adeptus Mechanicus’ scorched earth policy - nothing will be left of their targets but molten sludge.

Almost entirely cybernetic, the Kataphron Destroyers feature three interchangeable heads, three servitor assemblies, three interchangeable exhausts and a HUGE array of weapons: arc rifles, torsion cannons, arc claws, hydraulic claws, plasma culverin assemblies, heavy grav cannon assemblies, phosphor blaster assemblies and three cognis flamer assemblies. Twenty-four weapon options in total!

This multi-part plastic kit contains an impressive 157 components, with which you can make three Battle Servitors, either Kataphron Destroyers or Kataphron Breachers. Supplied are three Citadel 60mm Round Bases.

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