Warhammer 40,000 - Magister on Disc of Tzeentch - GW-97-39

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Magisters are powerful sorcerers in service to Tzeentch. Filled with eldritch energies as they ride their Disc of Tzeentch, they can wield fantastical fires to scorch the foe or transform an enemy into the squelching, misshapen form of a Chaos Spawn.

Transform enemies into spawn at truly ridiculous speeds with the Magister of Disc of Tzeentch – a fast-moving Leader for your Tzeentch army that's great for disrupting your enemies or accompanying Tzaangor Enlightened, Tzaangor Skyfires or Screamers of Tzeentch. This gorgeous model is also a dynamic and rewarding miniature to paint and a great test for your skills.

This kit is supplied in 13 plastic components, and comes with a 50mm round base.

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Brand Games Workshop
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Part Number GW-97-39
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