Warhammer - Age Of Sigmar - Endless Spells: Disciples of Tzeentch - GW-83-85

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Tzeentch is the god of magic – so it stands to reason that his endless spells would be among the Mortal Realms’ most deadly and unpredictable summoned sorceries! With this set, you'll be able to wield the might of Tzeentch’s most powerful magics for yourself. This set contains 3 Tzeentch endless spells, usable by any Tzeentch Wizard. Inside, you'll find plastic models for:

- The Burning Sigil of Tzeentch, a bringer of mutative energies that can blast your enemies to bits or provide your own units with invaluable bonuses
- The Tome of Eyes, an endless spell that grants the caster access to the dreaded Parchment Curse and makes their casting rolls more reliable
- The Daemonic Simulacrum, a magical predator that excels at slaying wizards

This set is supplied in 18 plastic components, and comes with 2x Citadel 50mm Round Bases, and 1x Citadel 105x70mm Oval Base.

Key Features

Unleash Tzeentch-themed summoned sorceries
Enhance your mages…
…and obliterate your enemies with surging warpfire!

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