Warhammer Warcry Warband: Kharadron Overlords - GW-111-61

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The Kharadron are a civilisation of mercantile duardin who dwell in vast sky-ports amidst the clouds of the Mortal Realms. Guided by their Code and armed with powerful aethermatic weaponry, they are utterly committed to the pursuit of wealth.

Profit awaits in the Eightpoints – and with this set, you’ll be able to claim it! Designed to make kicking off or expanding a diverse warband of Kharadron Overlords simple, it also contains a number of accessories to help you in your games. What’s more, you’ll save money compared to getting the models inside separately!

This set contains:
– 3x Skywardens/Endrinriggers – airborne warriors with aethermatic weapons buildable as Skywardens or Endrinriggers
– 5x Grundstok Thunderers – ridiculously versatile ranged warriors with a vast array of guns available to them
– 2x token boards designed to help you track wounds, on-going effects, statuses and more
– Fighter and ability cards with the rules for your warband

Please note – you’ll need a copy of the Warcry Core Book to use this product.

This set is supplied in 149 components and comes with 10x 32mm round bases and 3x 35mm flying bases.

Key Features

The best way to start a Kharadron Overlords warband
Save money compared to getting the models separately
Includes reference cards and token boards

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